Beginner Training Car Wrapping Classes

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Collection: Beginner Training Car Wrapping Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to wrap a car and become an Elite car wrapper? Elite Wrappers has one of the industry's best car wrapping classes. beginner training class centralizes the basics of vinyl car wrapping. Under the guidance of one of our great Elite Trainers, you will receive plenty of hands-on experience in various states across the US. These vinyl wrap classes teach you the techniques needed to get you started in the vinyl car industry. Leading brands, specific installs, and material types will be used during our wrap training courses. This class welcomes beginners with little to no experience. Become a participant and receive training from the greatest vehicle wrap schools in the industry!

Elite Wrappers specializes in providing an unmatched hands-on training experience for all our car wrap classes. Unlike online training videos, our students will get to see and feel what it's like to wrap a car by being guided by our elite wrapper trainers. Our Elite trainers have several years of experience in the vinyl wrap industry and provide expert knowledge to every class. We take training very seriously and want to provide advanced tips, tricks, and skills for our students so that they can advance in the vinyl wrap industry. After completion of our beginner car wrap class, you will receive a certification of completion.

After completing our beginner vinyl wrap classes, and knowing the basics, we recommend our advanced training courses where you will learn more advanced difficult installations, and how to wrap better and faster. We only recommend our advanced class after finishing our beginner class a few times and are confident enough to say you are experienced. Become a student and learn how to wrap a car from the top car wrap classes in the industry!

This class provides training certification, a wrapping pouch with tools (~$125 value), and Lunch.