Vinyl Brand Showcase: Orafol Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Brand Showcase: Orafol Vinyl Wrap

With its affordable and imaginative substitute for conventional paint, vehicle wrapping has swept the automotive industry. Our goal at Elite Wrappers is to teach our students the craft of installing vinyl wraps so they can produce excellent work. In our curriculum, the Orafol vinyl wrap is one of the standout products. Pros love Orafol vinyl wrap for its superb quality, unusual color selection, and longevity. This article will go into the qualities that set Orafol vinyl wraps apart and explain why our training courses are so helpful in learning this trade.

Life Expectancy

The reputation of Orafol vinyl wraps for reliability is well-deserved. These wraps, with a lifespan of up to 12 years, not only offer long-term protection but also enhance the visual appeal of vehicles. This makes them an excellent choice for fleet and motorsport cars that require durable and long-lasting vinyl. Orafol wraps, over time, maintain the integrity and beauty of your car, whether it's enduring the rigorous conditions of motorsport or the daily wear and tear of urban environments.

Exceptional Color Scheme

One of the most captivating aspects of Orafol vinyl wraps is their extensive color range. With a diverse selection of opaque, solid colors, Orafol—the first color change wrapping film introduced in the United States specifically for cars—can completely transform the look of any vehicle. The non-directional appearance of Orafol Shift Effects colors significantly enhances installation versatility, ensuring a seamless finish regardless of the direction of application, thereby maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal.

Quality Control

Protective and aesthetically pleasing, Orafol vinyl wraps are unique. Designed for long-term, full wraps of fleet and motorsport cars, these wraps smoothly conform over curved surfaces, rivets, and corrugations. A built-in protective clear coat that mimics factory-applied paint also makes an overlaminate unnecessary. This barrier keeps the wrap looking good and protects the underlying car paint from environmental deterioration. 

Recommended Orafol Vinyl:

Orafol 970RA Matte Lagoon Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-553M
Orafol 970RA Matte Turquoise Lavender Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-989M
Orafol 970RA Gloss Golden Yellow Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-020
Orafol 970RA Gloss Fir Tree Green Metallic Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-677
Orafol 970RA Matte Mint Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-055M

The Value of Our Training Classes

Elite Wrappers provides car wrap training classes on vinyl wrap application. Our courses cover the application, maintenance, and removal of KPMF Wraps. Crafted especially to teach the techniques required to manage wraps well, they guarantee the best possible durability and aesthetic appeal outcomes. Our website has further details about class times and locations.

After completing a training session with Elite Wrappers, where you’ll gain hands-on experience with Orafol vinyl wrap, we recommend making your wrap purchases at Metro Restyling. Metro Restyling is your one-stop shop for all Orafol products. As a graduate of our course, you’ll qualify for a wholesale discount, making it more economical to start using your new skills right away. Some of the most popular exclusive colors from Metro Restyling include Orafol Gloss Charcoal Metallic, Orafol Gloss Luscious Lips, and Orafol Gloss Fir Tree Green Metallic. The quality of Orafol combined with the unique flair of Metro Restyling makes these vibrant and distinctive colors perfect for making any vehicle stand out.


Orafol vinyl wraps offer an unmatched combination of durability, color variety, and protective qualities, making them a top choice for vehicle wraps. At Elite Wrappers, we’re proud to incorporate these superior products into our training programs, providing our students with the knowledge and skills to achieve exceptional results. Whether you're looking to enhance your vehicle with a vibrant new look or seeking to expand your expertise in the vinyl wrap industry, Orafol and Elite Wrappers have you covered. Join us and discover the difference that quality training and superior products can make in your vinyl wrapping journey.

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