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Elite Wrappers takes great pride in offering the best car wrap training available for vinyl wrap installation in Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. Utilizing the best materials and designs on the market, our students study the art and science of car wrapping. Metro Wrap is one company that sticks out in personalized vehicle wraps. Pros and hobbyists love Metro Wrap from Metro Restyling because of their distinctive and superior designs. We'll explore the many inventive wraps Metro Wrap offers in this blog, highlighting their attractiveness and adaptability. Metro Wrap is a market mainstay because of its wide selection of designs, including everything from bright galaxy themes to challenging camouflage patterns.


Metro Wraps: Go-To Source of Custom Car Wrap Designs

Custom automobile wrap designs from Metro Wrap, accessible through Metro Restyling, are comprehensive and suit a variety of likes and types. Metro Wrap offers a wide range of eye-catching camouflage designs and colorful galaxy themes. At Elite Wrappers, we regularly incorporate these stunning patterns into our training sessions so that our students can see the superiority and creativity of Metro Wrap. They are a favorite among new and seasoned installers because of their visually arresting, long-lasting, simple-to-work wraps.


Camouflage Wraps

Those wishing to give their cars a challenging and adventurous appearance sometimes use camo wraps. Within the camouflage area, Metro Wrap offers several varieties, each with a distinct attraction. There's a camouflage wrap to fit your style, whether you like the classic appeal of Classic Camo, the natural beauty of Nature Camo, the historical feel of Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo, or the contemporary twist of Digital Camo. Outdoor explorers, off-road fans, and anybody else who desires a striking and dramatic design on their car will love these wraps.

 Orange and purple Camo wrap


Digital Camouflage

Pixelated designs on digital camouflage wraps give a contemporary take on classic camouflage. Techies and anyone seeking a modern edge would love these designs. The computer camouflage pattern's geometric, sharp forms give it a futuristic, fashionable, and valuable appearance. Perfect for cities, Digital Camo wraps give your car a classy, modern look that makes it stand out.


Digital camo wraps


Classic Camouflage

Classic Camouflage wraps are ideal for off-roaders and nature lovers since they offer a combination of greens, browns, and blacks that will never go out of style on your car. Outdoor enthusiasts will find this classic pattern a great option because it resembles the natural surroundings of woods and jungles. With its rugged appearance that never goes out of style, the Classic Camo wrap is fashionable and adaptable.

Classic jeep wrap


Naure Camo

Nature camouflage wrap patterns resemble those of leaves, branches, and other wildflowers. These designs are perfect for anyone who wishes to combine their cars with the great outdoors. Nature Camouflage wraps' finely detailed patterns give your car a smooth appearance that suggests it belongs in the surrounding environment. Ideal for hikers, hunters, and nature lovers, these wraps provide a distinctive and complimentary look.

Nature camo wraps


Vietnam Camouflage with Tiger Stripes

The Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage wraps honor the iconic camouflage pattern in that conflict. Strong stripes in this design make it ideal for people who value old-fashioned military style. The Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo wrap's bold and striking design offers your car a solid and intimidating presence. Perfect for fans of military history as well as anyone seeking a powerful and dynamic appearance, this wrap blends contemporary flair with historical relevance.


Galaxy Wraps

Metro Wrap's Galaxy Wraps provides breathtaking, alien designs for anyone wishing to elevate the look of their car. These wraps' vivid colors and whirling patterns make any car stand out, evoking a sense of depth and wonder. Galaxy Wraps' complex and enthralling patterns take your car to a new level and create a moving work of art. Galaxy Wraps are a fantastic option for everyone who enjoys science fiction and astronomy or wants something different and striking.

Galaxy Wraps


Rust Wraps

Rust wraps are ideal for an old, worn-in look without natural wear and tear. Because these patterns mimic the look of rust, your car will draw attention with its distinctive and edgy personality. Rust Wraps' realistic texture and color ranges produce a unique and stylishly rough appearance for individuals who like retro style and classic cars; Rust Wraps provide a striking and unusual look.

Rust wraps


Animal Print Wraps 

Animal Print Wraps, with their designs influenced by different animal patterns, let your car go wild. Zebra stripes and leopard spots are just two examples of the striking and unique flair these wraps give any vehicle. Animal Print Wraps' vivid, dynamic patterns provide a visually arresting statement that will catch notice. Ideal for people who like to make a statement with their car, these wraps offer a fun, stylishly lively, and adventurous appearance.

Scale Wraps


Geometric Wraps 

Rich patterns and shapes give geometric wraps a contemporary, artistic appearance. Those who value abstract art and want their car to represent their style will find these designs ideal. Geometric Wraps' solid forms and simple lines produce an appealing and sophisticated modern look. Perfect for people who like their appearance to be sleek and fashionable, these wraps provide a contemporary take on classic design components.

Hex DNA Wraps


Sticker Bomb Wraps

A fun and unusual choice, Sticker Bomb Wraps are a mosaic of different stickers and designs. For people who like a solid and whimsical style, these wraps transform their car into a moving work of pop art. The vivid and colorful patterns on Sticker Bomb Wraps give them a dynamic and lively appearance that is eye-catching and captivating. Ideal for people wishing to show their individuality and inventiveness, these wraps provide a vibrant and energetic look.

Sticker Bomb Wraps


Paint Splatter Wraps

Paint Splatter Wraps imitate paint splashes and drips in their imaginative and dynamic design. Artists and other creative people who want their car to reflect their colorful personalities will love these vinyl wraps. Paint Splatter Wraps' striking and expressive designs give your car movement and energy, adding a lighthearted and artistic touch. Perfect for anyone who likes to make a statement, these wraps provide a distinctive and creative appearance.

Paint Splatter Wraps


Purchase Your Own Alwan Wraps Custom Design

Think about having Alwan Wraps create a custom design for something genuinely special. Their specialty is producing custom designs made to your specifications. Alwan Wraps can realize your idea, whether you want a unique design or a customized image. View their selection here to see how you can personalize your car.

Custom Car Wraps


Gain Experience Wrapping These Custom Designs with Elite Wrappers

Elite Wrappers provides car wrap training classes on the application of vinyl wrap. Our courses cover the application, maintenance, and removal of KPMF Wraps. Crafted especially to teach the techniques required to manage wraps well, they guarantee the best possible durability and aesthetic appeal outcomes. Our website has further details about class times and locations.

Installing custom wrap design


Wrapping It Up with Metro Wrap

All preferences and styles are catered to by the vast and creative selection of car wrap designs offered by Metro Wrap. Metro Wrap provides a variety of themes like bright galaxy, unusual rust appearance, and rugged camouflage. With Metro Wrap supplies, Elite Wrappers is pleased to provide our training students the finest materials available to learn the craft of car wrapping. Come learn how to wrap like a pro from Elite Wrappers and Metro Wrap. Discover the countless opportunities of personalized car wraps and let Metro Wrap's outstanding designs and excellent training inspire your imagination.

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