Vinyl Brand Showcase: KPMF Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Brand Showcase: KPMF Vinyl Wrap

Here at Elite Wrappers, we love to impart the skill of car wrapping. Today, we highlight KPMF, a unique brand in the vinyl market. Professionals and fans worldwide choose KPMF vinyl wrap because of its outstanding quality. Let us explore why KPMF vinyl wrap is the best choice for your car.

KPMF LifeSpan

The remarkable durability of KPMF vinyl is among the main benefits when selecting it for your car wrap. The application is guaranteed flawless because KPMF's cast vinyl is made especially to be conformable and shrink little. Notably, this material has a 12-year lifespan under ideal circumstances. Because of its longer lifespan, KPMF is a wise investment for preserving the aesthetics of your car over time.

Unique Color Lineup

KPMF is about expression and creativity as much as durability. The company provides various finishes, including Gloss, matte, Iridescent, Metallic, Pearlescent, and Starlight, and an extensive palette of vivid hues. High-quality pigments are used to create each finish, which will draw attention. There is a subtle elegance or a strong statement in KPMG's collection that fits every style.

Maximum Protection and Quality

KPMF is unique in the market not only for its appearance but also for its dedication to quality and protection. Leading US producer of premium vinyl vehicle wraps, KPMF crafts its products using premium materials. This dedication is evident in every sheet of vinyl, which provides outstanding performance for various uses. KPMF wraps guarantee your car looks beautiful and protect it from daily wear and tear, whether you want to preserve the original paint or give it a fresh lease on life with a vivid color change.

Recommended KPMF Vinyl Wraps:

KPMF K75400 Gloss Red Black Iridescent Vinyl Wrap | K75408
KPMF K75500 Metro Matte Dynamic Lime Vinyl Wrap | K75503


The Value of Our Training Classes

Elite Wrappers provides car wrap training classes on vinyl wrap application. Our courses cover the application, maintenance, and removal of KPMF Wraps. Crafted especially to teach the techniques required to manage wraps well, they guarantee the best possible durability and aesthetic appeal outcomes. Our website has further details about class times and locations.

After finishing a training session with Elite Wrappers, where you will have practical experience with KPMF vinyl wrap, we recommend making your wrap purchases at Metro Restyling. Your one-stop shop for all KPMF products, Metro Restyling, has an amazing selection that includes some unique Metro hues you won't find anywhere else. Starting to use your new skills right away will be more economical because you will be qualified for a wholesale discount as a graduate of our course. Among the most popular exclusive hues from Metro Restyling are KPMF Matte Dynamic Lime, KPMF Metro Gloss Dynamic Teal, and KPMF Metro Satin Rose Gold. The excellence of KPMF combined with the individual flare of Metro Restyling makes these vivid and unusual colors ideal for making any car stand out.

Use KPMF On Your Wrap Projects!

At Elite Wrappers, vehicle wrapping is all about the materials. High-end self-adhesive vinyl from KPMF is proof of what suitable materials can do. With its extensive selection of gorgeous colors and treatments and its long-lasting durability, KPMF offers a solution that can satisfy the most exacting requirements. Select KPMF for your upcoming wrap job to see the quality that distinguishes it in the car wrap market. 

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