Vinyl Brand Showcase: Hexis

Vinyl Brand Showcase: Hexis

Our delight at Elite Wrappers is providing the best vehicle wrap training courses in Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Recognised for its exceptional quality and adaptability, the Hexis vinyl wrap is one of the highlight products we utilize in our training sessions. This blog will go into the features of the Hexis SKINTAC HX20000 and HX30000 ranges and explain why both professionals and trainees love them. Plus, Metro Restyling is a reliable industry supplier where you may buy these wraps.


The SKINTAC HX20000 series is a testament to innovation in the car wrapping world. This multilayered cast PVC film comes with a release liner and structured HEX’Press adhesive, making it ideal for full wraps. Here are some key features:

  • Multilayered Cast PVC Film: This ensures durability and maintains the film's color even under strong deformation.
  • HEX’Press Adhesive: Facilitates easy application and removal by allowing air egress, preventing bubbles.
  • Thickness: Provides robustness and preserves color integrity during application.

Thanks to its structured adhesive, the HX20000 series is both convenient and effortless to apply and remove, making it a perfect choice for beginners and seasoned professionals in our training classes.

SKINTAC HX30000 Range

Designed for those looking to customize their vehicles or objects, the SKINTAC HX30000 range offers a variety of finishes to suit different tastes and needs. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Multilayered Cast Vinyl Film: Ensures high performance and durability.
  • HEX’Press Adhesive: Makes application easier by facilitating air egress, reducing the risk of bubbles.
  • Surface Finishes: Available in gloss, matt, super matt, or structured finishes to cater to various aesthetic preferences.

Features of the HX30000 Range

  • 90-µm Thickness: This high-performance, multi-layered cast film is coated with a pressure-sensitive, solvent-based acrylic adhesive.
  • Structured Adhesive: Enables faster application and easier air elimination, which is crucial for achieving a flawless finish.
  • Chrome Surface Finish: Provides a mirror effect, enhancing the vehicle’s appearance.

Lifespan and Finishes

The HX30000 range offers a lifespan that varies based on the finish:

  • Standard Colors: 4-6 years
  • Fluorescent Colors: Up to 6 months
  • Chrome Finishes: Up to 1 year

In addition, it comes in a variety of finishes, including fluorescent, glitter, gloss, matte, metallic, satin, textured, and color shift, allowing for an exceptional color scheme that meets diverse customization needs.

Exceptional Color Scheme

One of the most appealing aspects of the Hexis SKINTAC HX20000 and HX30000 ranges is the exceptional color scheme they offer. Whether you're looking for vibrant fluorescents, dazzling glitters, sleek glosses, elegant mattes, or striking metallic finishes, there's something for every taste and style. These wraps not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles but also provide a durable and high-quality finish that stands the test of time.

Recommended Hexis Vinyl Wraps

Hexis Gloss Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl Wrap
Hexis Gloss Turquoise Super Chrome Vinyl Wrap
Hexis Gloss Apollo Blue Fine Glitter Vinyl Wrap
Hexis Gloss Indian Pink Glitter Vinyl Wrap
Hexis Gloss Gold Super Chrome Vinyl Wrap


The Value of Our Training Classes

Elite Wrappers provides car wrap training classes on vinyl wrap application. Our courses cover the application, maintenance, and removal of KPMF Wraps. Crafted especially to teach the techniques required to manage wraps well, they guarantee the best possible durability and aesthetic appeal outcomes. Our website has further details about class times and locations.

After completing a training session with Elite Wrappers, where you’ll gain hands-on experience with Hexis vinyl wrap, we recommend making your wrap purchases at Metro Restyling. Metro Restyling is your one-stop shop for all Hexis products, As a graduate of our course, you’ll qualify for a wholesale discount, making it more economical to start using your new skills right away. Some of the most popular exclusive colors from Metro Restyling include Hexis Gloss Tiffany Blue Vinyl Wrap, Hexis Gloss Indian Pink Glitter, and Hexis Gloss Elderberry Purple. The quality of Hexis combined with the unique flair of Metro Restyling makes these vibrant and distinctive colors perfect for making any vehicle stand out.


Hexis vinyl wraps are a cornerstone of our training classes at Elite Wrappers, providing our students with hands-on experience using one of the best products in the industry. Whether you're a professional looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn, our training sessions will equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to master car wrapping using Hexis vinyl. And remember, you can always purchase these top-tier wraps at Metro Restyling, ensuring you have access to the best materials for your projects.

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