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Few choices provide the design, durability, and adaptability of vinyl gun wraps for customizing and protecting your guns. GunWraps specialty is premium custom gun skins to suit all firearms and accessories. Their wide selection of gun skins will satisfy the needs of hunters, competitive shooters, and gun enthusiasts. At Elite Wrappers, we're not just about cars and boats; we also recognize the growing niche market of wrapping firearms. Check out the benefits to wrapping your firearm and why you should add it under your sales tool belt for the vinyl wrap industry.


AR 15 Kryptek Infrared Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


What are vinyl gun wraps?

Vinyl gun wraps are made specifically to cover the outer surfaces of firearms and accessories are called vinyl gun wraps. Solid vinyl construction of these wraps protects against dings, scratches, and other wear and tear. They also offer a special way to make your guns appear more like you, displaying your sense of flair and individuality.


Gun Wraps VS Cerakote VS Hydro Dipping

The finest customization technique for your pistol may be challenging to choose with vinyl wraps, Cerakote, and hydro dipping becoming so popular. Hydro dipping, sometimes known as water transfer printing, submerges patterns. Both labor-intensive and costly, it runs between $150 and $300. The ceramic-based coating Cerakote provides a strong, chemical-resistant surface together with a wide range of colors. It can be expensive, though, and requires particular equipment—roughly the same as hydro dipping.

Conversely, GunWraps' vinyl wraps offer a creative and reasonably priced alternative for between $29 and $59. These wraps are simple to put on and take off and provide customization and protection without the need for certain tools or training. Not as long-lasting as hydro dipping or Cerakote, vinyl wraps are perfect for gun aficionados on a tight budget who like to frequently personalize their firearms.


How Long Do They Last?

These waterproof, non-reflective wraps are constructed of high-quality, American materials that will not deteriorate under severe conditions or repeated use. GunWraps will shield your gun for at least five years with correct installation and care. Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Cleaner and Gun Oil should be used on a regular basis to extend their life.

AR 15 Stone Blue Lightning Marble Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Custom AR-15 Skins

Custom AR-15 skins are a fantastic way for AR-15 specialists to protect and customize their rifles. You can modify your rifle to fit your tactical needs or personal style because these wraps are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. AR-15 covers offer unparalleled customizing, whether you're looking for a hunting camouflage pattern or a dramatic design for competition shooting.


AR 15 Vietnam Tiger Stripe Original Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Rifle Custom Skins

Their rifle skins accommodate a wide selection of rifle models. Whatever your preference—traditional camouflage or a more unique look—GunWraps.com has the perfect design for your pistol. Because rifle covers offer a degree of weather and ding protection, they can also make your gun seem better.

Rifle Kryptek Highlander Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Rifle Camo Wraps: A Hunters Choice

Picking the right pattern will make your firearm look and work significantly better. Hunters that have to remain covert in woodland or grassy areas will discover camouflage patterns ideal for natural concealment. Digital camouflage gives military aficionados a modern look that blends in nicely with mixed or urban environments.


Handgun Custom Skins

Those wishing to personalize their firearms often choose pistol skins. These wraps come in a variety of patterns and make sure your gun looks fantastic while being protected. Customizing your pistol for daily carry, competition shooting, or display is made easy and affordable with pistol wraps.

Pistol & Revolver Sticker Bomb Color Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Shotgun Custom Skins

Shotgun owners now have a fashionable and long-lasting choice with GunWraps shotgun wraps. These wraps are easy to install and available in a variety of patterns appropriate for tactical or hunting applications. Shotgun skins improve grip and protect the gun, making handling it simpler under different conditions.

Shotgun Kryptek Mandrake Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Pistol, AK-47, and AR-15 Mag Wraps

Change the appearance of your magazines with their AR-15 mag wraps. Fitting AR-15, AK-47, and handgun magazines, these skins give your weapon and accessories a coordinated appearance. Making sure your magazines fit your pistol and implementing additional security are made easier with mag covers.

AK 47 Mag Vivid Hex Green Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Hunting Camo Benefits

Hunters love vinyl gun wraps. They offer concealment options that blend perfectly with the surroundings. The coating also guarantees that your gun works well even in severe external conditions. Nature camouflage wraps work exceptionally well since they imitate the hues and designs of the natural world to offer better hiding.


Camouflage Patterns

GunWraps.com offers the very best camouflage skins in the industry. They the ideal wrap if you require any camouflage for hunting, or camo fans.


Kryptek Camo

Kryptek camouflage wraps achieve the best in performance and covertness. Advanced camouflage patterns break up the contour of your gun, making it almost undetectable in various settings. Kryptek camouflage keeps you hidden from opponents and wildlife for tactical operations and serious hunting trips.

AR 15 Kryptek Obskura Nox Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Nature Camouflage

Hunters who must blend in with their environment will love nature camouflage wraps. These skins offer excellent camouflage by emulating the hues and patterns of nature. Nature camo ensures that the game cannot see your gun, even in vast grasslands or deep woodlands, improving your chances of a successful hunt.

AR 15 Nature Burning Voodoo Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Digital Camo

Digital camouflage wraps are available in modern and tactical designs. These designs are intended to make it more difficult for others to see the visual outline of your firearm. Digital camouflage offers a modern look and proper concealment.

Pistol & Revolver Digital Metro Green Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Original Metro Wrap Camouflage

The Metro Wrap line has eye-catching, unusual designs for individuals seeking something extraordinary. These camo skins guarantee your gun appears unique by fusing premium materials with cutting-edge designs. Metro Wraps offers countless customizing options, from a robust visual design to a modest but eye-catching pattern.

AR 15 Erratic Snow Camo Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


American flag theme skins for patriotism

Flaunt your patriotism with one of American flag skins. These wraps with vivid and robust graphics honoring the USA are ideal for those who like to show their patriotic pride. American flag skins convey a strong message about your passion for your nation, whether worn on holidays, at events, or every day.

AR 15 Patriotic American Flag Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Animal Print Skins

Animal pattern wraps are a fantastic option if you want something unusual. The most spectacular species in nature inspire the many patterns of these wraps. Animal print wraps, like zebra stripes or leopard patches, give your gun a hint of wild flair.

Pistol Slide Animal Print Cheetah Gun Skin Vinyl Wrap


Gear Wraps 

GunWraps.com serves purposes outside of guns. They offer wraps for knivesscopesbinoculars, and Thermacell wraps, and more! These wraps guarantee that everything matches and is weatherproof while offering the same degree of protection and personalization for your essential items.

Binocular A-TACS iX Camo Gear Skin Vinyl Wrap Film


Universal Sheet Skins

Universal sheet skins can wrap any accessory—laptops, cameras, tumblers, and more. These sheets provide countless customizing options and come in small, medium, enormous, and extra-large sizes. Universal sheet skins offer a versatile and practical way to customize or shield your equipment from abrasion.

Universal Sheet Circuit Board Green Gear Skin Vinyl Wrap


Use Elite Wrappers Training to Learn How to Wrap More than Just Cars!

Our comprehensive training classes in Michigan, New York, Florida, and New Jersey cater to beginners eager to dive into the world of vinyl wrapping. By enrolling in our courses, you'll gain the expertise needed to wrap a variety of surfaces, including firearms. This skill set is invaluable, allowing you to offer customized, protective, and visually striking wraps for guns, alongside cars and boats.

Wrapping firearms requires a keen eye for detail and an understanding of gun safety guidelines, which we emphasize in our training. By adding firearm wrapping to your repertoire, you'll not only expand your business opportunities but also tap into a unique market that values both aesthetics and functionality. Join Elite Wrappers to master this innovative craft and broaden your professional horizon.

GunWraps Offers a a Huge Variety of Color and Patterns

GunWraps.com has something for everyone, with more than 1000 color and design choices. Whether your tastes run to bold graphics, classic camouflage, or unusual designs, their comprehensive range guarantees you'll discover the ideal wrap. Every client can locate a wrap that meets their style and functional needs because of our dedication to quality and diversity.

Vinyl gun skins provide unmatched protection, personalization, and style for guns and accessories. GunWraps.com is dedicated to offering the best wraps possible to satisfy clients' requirements. Discover the ideal answer for your firearm customizing requirements by perusing the extensive selection of gun skins. Your one-stop shop for vinyl gun wraps, GunWraps offers solutions for every firearm and accessory in an enormous selection of designs and colors.

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